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Surface Graphics

Walls, Windows, Floors, and More

We can affix printed graphics, photos, printed messages and more onto any structure with adequate surface space – walls, storefronts, furniture, floors and much more.

Surface Graphics we can print include:

  • Full and Partial Wall Covers
  • Floor coverings
  • Window Graphics
  • Custom printing for almost any surface

As the wrap industry grows, so do the vinyl capabilities. The latest architectural vinyl can stick to anything. We can create graphics for walls and surfaces across the board. Add your logo to a brick façade in the warehouse, put your contact info bright and bold on the side of your stucco building, create a fun work environment with a design that stretches from the front door to the break room. Whatever it is, we can cover it with a wrap!

Architectural vinyl provides the opportunity for upgrading your space for a fraction of the cost of a typical remodel. We can update doors, walls, desks, ceilings, floors – you name it – with material that looks and feels like the real thing. From fine and rustic woods to silk, woven, concrete, stone, leather and many other finishes, we can take any commercial space from drab to finely styled in no time at all. In fact, unlike a true remodel, your business will likely experience no downtime at all.

  • We use only the best material available
  • Our printers are top of the line, so our colors and quality are the best around.
  • Installations come with a limited 1-year warranty

Why Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro is the leading auto paint protection in the industry. It has been a game-changer in the maintenance of vehicles. We know how much you love your vehicle, so why not keep it protected from the hazardous elements on the road. Our team wants to protect your investment.

At Vaia Design, we offer a variety of Ceramic Pro packages including Ceramic Pro Gold (lifetime warranty), Ceramic Pro Silver (5-year warranty), Ceramic Pro Bronze (2-year warranty), and Ceramic Pro Sport (six-month warranty). Whether you’re looking for protection for life or an upgrade from waxing, we have a package perfect for you.