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Color Change Wraps

Personalize Your Ride

Vinyl Wrapping your vehicle is the best way to personalize your car. With hundreds of color options and combinations, the possibilities are endless. The vinyl will temporarily change the color of your car without damaging the OEM paint underneath. It will also provide minor protection from small rock chips and dings as well as UV protection to stop fading and other damage caused by the sun.

Color Change Package Includes:

  • Full Vinyl Wrap Color Change
  • Any Combination of Colors
  • 3-year Installation Warranty
  • Minor Protection from Dings & Scratches
  • UV Protection

Color change wraps are the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to customize the color and style of your vehicle. We offer hundreds of color/texture options and any mix of vinyl or graphic designs that you can dream up.

Color change wraps allow you to temporarily change the color of your vehicle with absolutely no damage to the OEM paint underneath. In fact, color change wraps protect your vehicle from rock chips, paint fade, and minor abrasions. Not only do we offer hundreds of pre-made vinyl colors, we can custom print any color as well.

Next in line for consideration after the color is chosen is the amount of coverage you would like. Most color change wraps cover the painted surface area that is visible while all the doors and the trunk are closed. The doorjambs, the lip around the trunk and other small interior areas that are painted may expose the original color of your car. With that in mind, you may need to consider whether the wrap color will compliment your vehicle’s original paint. While there are limitations to what we can wrap (think hardware, deep recessed areas that are difficult to access, etc.) we do also provide “deeper” wrap options for an additional cost. Keep in mind that wrapping further into the car will require parts of your vehicle to be removed so we will account for a mechanic’s services within that additional cost.

  • We use the highest quality vinyls available – Avery Dennison and 3M (unless otherwise requested – we can source any brand)
  • We use the best printers available on the market to achieve flawless, deep custom colors and 60-inch printed panels to create a seamless wrap.
  • Our wraps come with a Three-year limited installation warranty. This covers any bubbling, fingering, tenting, lifting, etc. due to installation. Limitations may apply depending on how well the vinyl is cared for. Typically wrap replacements come in at around 3-4 years but we have seen them last longer with proper care.

Why Full Front Kit?

The Full Front Kit provides some of the best protective properties on the market. The entire front of the vehicle is applied with Avery Dennison or XPEL paint protection film. This leads to entire front half protection from rock chips, road salt, tree sap, insect acids and several other environmental contaminants. Please click here to request a free quote.