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Clear Bra – Bumper Kit


Clear Bra – Vaia Design Riverside


Vaia Design provides the high end clear bra services Riverside needs to stay protected on the road. Clear bra, also known as paint protection film (PPF), is the colloquial king of paint protection. This highly protective film blocks applied surfaces from several road projectiles and contaminants including rock chips, insect acids, oxidation, swirling, marring, water spot etching, tree sap and brake dust.

In Riverside the freeways and notorious for their rock chips. The vast amounts of construction on the 15 and 215 freeways leave vehicles subject to vast amounts of construction debris. When a rock chip or other projectile meets a painted surface, it can leave unsightly blemishes that depreciates the value of a vehicle.

Included in Package:


  • Full front bumper protection
  • Protection from rock chips, road salt, scratches and dings

Paint Protection film is the only automotive material that is guaranteed to protect a vehicle from rock chips and scratching. The best paint protection option on the market, PPF provides a level of protection that cannot be rivalved by ceramic coatings. With self-healing properties that heal itself in the sun, PPF provides the ultimate layer of defense against environmental contaminants.

Why Our Clear Bra Bumper Kit?

At Vaia Design our introductory clear bra package covers the most susceptible area of a vehicle. The clear bra bumper package provides protection to the front bumper that is most prone to road projectiles. Since all of our vehicles are quoted on a case by case basis, please click below for a free clear bra bumper quote.