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Clear Bra  – Partial Plus Front End

Paint Protection Riverside – Vaia Design


The Partial Plus Front End kit provides the paint protection Riverside requires to look their best. One of the most popular packages offered at our shop, this package provides elite protection on several vulnerable areas of a vehicle. This package includes everything in the Partial Front End package along with the entire hood. The Partial Plus Front End includes protection on the full hood of the vehicle, partial fenders, the full front bumper, mirrors and headlights. These highly vulnerable areas that once took on the brunt of damage from road projectiles are now protected with self-healing technology film that acts as a shield between your car’s paint and the outer world.

 Before we apply any paint protection film to a surface, we highly encourage the use of paint correction procedures to remove any existing imperfections from the coat. During a paint correction process blemishes like scratches, rock chips, swirling, marring, oxidation and additional unsightly damage can be removed. This process keeps a vehicle’s paint in elite condition and ensures the paint looks much better before it is wrapped with the paint protection film.


Included in Package:


  • Full Bumper
  • Headlights
  • Full Hood
  • Leading Edge of Front Fenders
  • Leading Edge of Side Mirrors
  • Entire Hood


Paint Protection film is the only automotive material that is guaranteed to protect a vehicle from rock chips and scratching. The best paint protection option on the market, PPF provides a level of protection that cannot be rivalved by ceramic coatings. With self-healing properties that heal itself in the sun, PPF provides the ultimate layer of defense against environmental contaminants.

Our Partial Plus Front End Paint Protection Film kit is ideal for those customers looking to protect their vehicle and stay within a budget. The full hood coverage of this kit ensures that there won’t be a visible line across the panel making for an invisible install while also protecting the entire hood of your vehicle. Our Partial Plus Clear Bra kit is a great ‘bang for your buck’ option that will keep the leading edge of your car looking new for years.

Why Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro is the leading auto paint protection in the industry. It has been a game-changer in the maintenance of vehicles. We know how much you love your vehicle, so why not keep it protected from the hazardous elements on the road. Our team wants to protect your investment.

At Vaia Design, we offer a variety of Ceramic Pro packages including Ceramic Pro Gold (lifetime warranty), Ceramic Pro Silver (5-year warranty), Ceramic Pro Bronze (2-year warranty), and Ceramic Pro Sport (six-month warranty). Whether you’re looking for protection for life or an upgrade from waxing, we have a package perfect for you.